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The linguistic minority educational institutions are recognized by the respective State Governments/UT Administrations. No scheme to release grants-in-aid to the linguistic minority institutions is implemented by the Central Government. Minority certificates of linguistic minority educational institutions are issued by the concerned State Governments/UT Administrations. This was stated by Shri Ninong Ering, the Minister of State in the Ministry of Minority Affairs in response to a written question in Rajya Sabha on 17-December-2013 17:26 IST.

Jamia Urdu Hind is an un-aided pioneer linguistic minority educational institution of fellows of Saabarmati Ashram of Gandhiji & Jamiat Ulema Hind since British imperialism and an integral part of Non-Violent struggle by the patriotic scholars of JUH such as Qurbaan Ali(exiled for life to Kalapani punishment by C.G.Atkin) to protect and develop Bharat and to educate and empower the underprivileged class (Women, Tribes and Minorities) so as to streamline them into the mainstream. Mother Teresa was honored by JUH for Dukhtar-E-Hind. JUH is the mother institution among all Jamia Urdu of India as it educates and trains up to the research in Urdu language and literature of National Importance. The notion of Jamia Urdu having its root in Delhi, Kashmir, UP, Raigarh, Bihar is like various centre of excellence of Aligarh Muslim University established in UP, Bihar, West Bengal etc. Urdu, the language of lovers and poets connected with its glorious past such as Qawwalis, Ghazal renditions, Mushaira, Play, War of rhyme have proved that education and nation are incomplete without Urdu. To educate those who are not educated with the mainstream is the most patriotic action of mankind of all times. Like Hindi, Urdu is the thread of Bharat’s beaded necklace where all super power of the world is quit on the developed and the united front. A Dadar-based institute has discovered 2 Ghazals in Urdu written by freedom fighter Veer Savarkar during his 11 years imprisonment in the Andaman Cellular Jail(TOI 28.7.13). Aligarh Muslim University  has introduced a mandatory elementary course of Urdu for all. The Ministry of Culture, Govt of India has granted Jamia Millia Islamia to translate 10 books of Nobel laureate R Tagore into Urdu.