Solar power for commercial establishments is becoming widely acceptable due to the following benefits:

  • Cheaper than running diesel generators
  • Security against frequent power cuts and hedge against rising power costs
  • Subsidy benefits from MNRE and state government bodies
  • Tax benefits- accelerated depreciation
  • Big step towards going green and corporate social responsibility
  • Easy installation in the existing setup
  • Negligible operation & maintenance costs
  • Solar PV system cheaper than ever before


We have expertise in technical, financial and other aspects of project development, which will ensure suitable solar power solution for your commercial establishment. We start with formulating a project plan based on assessment of client’s requirements, site viability and budget. Based on the technical design by our qualified technical team, we procure high quality components and execute the project on-time, while maintaining high professional standards.

Apart from turnkey rooftop PV solutions, we also provide solar power as a service. Under our innovative model, the client will have to make a small upfront payment and pay for the used solar power on-the-go. After a few years, the plant ownership is transferred to the client.